Hang-Glider Holds On for Life After the Pilot Forgets to Strap Him In

If you haven't seen it yet, American tourist Chris Gursky went hang-gliding for the very first time while on vacation in Switzerland. What should have been a beautiful moment quickly turned into a nightmare and nearly cost him his life.

The issue: the professional pilot FORGOT to lock Chris's safety harness onto the glider, and didn't discover it until it was too late.

After a running start off the side of a 4,000-foot mountain edge, Chris was hanging onto the pilot with his right hand, and the metal bar with his left.  At one point his hand slips off the pilot and he grabs the guy's leg.

The nightmare continued for two minutes and 14 seconds until they made a rough landing. 

Chris ended up with a torn bicep and a broken wrist. He had surgery on the wrist and doctors inserted a titanium plate and seven screws. Despite his trauma, Chris says he definitely plans to go hang-gliding again.

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