Hugh Hefner Dumped Casket of Sex Tapes into the Sea

Hugh Hefner dumped a casket full of his private sex tapes into the sea before he passed away.

He chucked his collection of sex tapes, X-rated pics and private notes from superstars into the Pacific Ocean because he didn't want anyone's name or reputation ruined.

These included films of orgies at the Mansion in the '70s that were attended by, quote, "famous male movie stars." He also had thousands of private photos given to him by women, including Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh became paranoid in the late '90s, after Pamela Anderson's sex tapes with Tommy Lee and Bret Michaels went public, so he put all that stuff in a chest lined with concrete, and had his head of security, Joe Piastro, dump it in the middle of the Pacific.

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