Report: Police Treating Death of All That Remains Guitarist as 'Suspicious'

According to a report in the Hartford Courant, Connecticut state police are treating the death of All That Remains guitarist Oli Herbert as suspicious. 44-year-old Herbert drowned in a pond on his property in Stafford Springs, Connecticut last month, but the state medical examiner’s office called the manner of death -- usually listed as homicide, suicide or accident -- “undetermined.”

State police sources said they are treating Herbert’s death as suspicious at this point and investigating it. They are compiling a timeline of Herbert’s last 24 hours, reviewing his medical history and searching for people who may have been in contact with him on or before October 16th, when his body was found. He had been reported missing by his wife, Elizabeth Herbert.

Elizabeth wrote online that she had received a toxicology report from the medical examiner, saying, “Oli was apparently self-treating for manic depression that has run in his family for several generations.  Anti-depressants were found in his system, as well as a sleep aid.”

But All That Remains singer Phil Labonte said in a radio interview that Herbert "wasn't really a big partier,” adding, "He didn't do drugs, he didn't really drink a lot.”

A number of Herbert's friends and fans have questioned the circumstances of his death, with some of them starting a Facebook page called “Justice for Oli Herbert.”   

Story source: Hartford Courant

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