John Lennon's Killer Doesn't Know if He's 100% Remorseful Yet

It's been 38 years since Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon, and he's still not sure he's, quote, "100% remorseful." This comes from the transcript from Chapman's recent parole hearing, which was just released.

He added, quote, "I am getting there and it's a slow thing . . . You know, I look back at this kid, now 25, it's hard to admit I did something that heinous but it's true and lately I've come to grips with the shame part of it." 

He even told the parole board, quote, "Of course I want to be released.  Do I deserve to be released?  That's another question. No, I don't think somebody that did what I did deserves anything."

This was the 10th time his parole was denied.  He's up again in 2020.

One more thing from Chapman's testimony:  He said, quote, "I secured [hollow-point] bullets to make sure he would be dead.  It was immediately after the crime that I was concerned that he did not suffer."

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