Keurig is Debuting a Pod Machine to Make Cocktails

Keurig, the company that brought us the single-serve coffee pod machines, is coming out with a new machine to make cocktails! It's called the  Drinkworks Home Bar, and they teamed up with Anheuser-Busch InBev to create this new machine that can make not only cocktails, but beers and ciders too.
It will come pre-programed to make 24 drinks, including Margaritas, Cosmos or Long Island Iced Teas, as well as craft beers from Bass and Becks and a Stella Cidre cider.
The machine will cost $299, pods are extra.
Keurig is testing the Drinkworks Home Bar in the St. Louis area, with preorders open only to people who live there, and the machine available in physical locations only in that area starting November 19th



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