Woman Stole a Live Lobster From the Tank at Red Lobster, Then Took Off

Today's Superstar of Florida Or Not Florida is 42-year-old Kimberly Gabel. On Saturday night she had one too many while at a Red Lobster, and was apparently bothering other people, so the manager asked her to leave.

As she walked towards the door, she made a scene, cursing the whole way, but that's not what landed her Superstar Status. Right before she left,  she stopped at the tank in the lobby where there are a bunch of live lobsters, and she GRABBED ONE and then took off.

She didn't get far though. A cop tracked her down nearby, still swearing. She was arrested for disorderly intoxication, however she denied knowledge of the lobster's whereabouts. The lobster was never seen again.

Was this Florida, Or Not Florida?

It's in our own backyard- St. Pete.  Details here. 

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