In Tampa 4 Crosswalks Are Coming To Bayshore Blvd

If you travel on Bayshore frequently, you know how the speed limit has gone from 40 to 35 to slow down drivers after the two boneheads killed Jessica Raubenolt and her toddler daughter, Lillia when they were racing.

Well things are going to slow down EVEN more.

Jean Duncan, the director of Tampa's Transportation and Stormwater Services says FOUR more pedestrian crosswalks are coming to Bayshore.

A city spokeswoman said that "The crossings, located at South Delaware Avenue., South Dakota Avenue, and midblock between South Brevard Avenue and West Swann Avenue will be enhanced with Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs). The new RRFBs are expected to be turned on Wednesday, Oct. 24."

Full Story & Credit: HERE

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