Crash: Non Spoiler Review of Halloween 2018!

The first one is a classic and yes the legitimacy of the rest of them leading to up the latest is questionable but I'm here to tell you....It was done well.  Check out the trailer and then scroll down for my  NON SPOILER review.

So the 11th installment of the Halloween horror franchise killed it in the box office by having the second biggest opening weekend ever behind “IT”.

I liked it! It was fun. A lot of theater jump scares and everything moved at a good pace leading up to the last 30 minutes where the bulk of the craziness happens.  

Michael Myers has been in a special Prison for extremely dangerous patients for 40 years and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been preparing for the day he returns.  Michael does not disappoint in his return. 

Some of the most violent kills in the history of the series happened in the latest 2018 offering. There is also another character from the past that returns for this movie.  The movie cuts out some details to keep the movie moving which I’m ok with just long as long as it doesn’t cause confusion and it didn’t .See it in the theater. It’s fun to jump with a full house of moviegoers.  

Of course it’s not for young kids but my son is 12 and I brought him. There was about two seconds of brief nudity (boob shot) during a memory scene of Michaels first victim.

I give Halloween 4 out of 5 smoke rings!   P.S. watch the credits.

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