Crash Grades Jameis Winston (Web Poll)

It looked like a gift...playing the beat up injury riddled Falcons who haven't been able to stop anyone or look like the Atlanta offense we have watched over the past few years.  Did we think the Atlanta Falcons were going to just roll over and let the Bucs grab a dub in their house?  

From my couch Jameis looked like Jameis.  He threw some great balls...forced a couple that didn't work out including an untimely "tiperception" in the endzone.  He also flat out missed a couple of opportunities.  A check down to Humphries right in front of him before the end zone pick AND an overthrow to an open DJack.  

Number 3 spread the ball around to everyone nicely...OJ, Brate, Humphries, Godwin, Barber.  He even threw Mike Evans the ball that made him the all time leader for the Bucs passing James Wilder.  One thing he didn't do was play lick of defense in the 1st  All in all I'll give him a C+.  Take away the 1st pick a B but thats not how this works.  He has 2 more games with me (same as Fitz and his first three) before I put on my Judgy face.  What about you?

Would Fitzpatrick have gotten a higher grade?  Thats the $20 million question.

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