Expectations for Jameis. Next 3 Games (web poll)

Ryan Fitzpatrick not only played well, he earned a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Yea THE TEAM dug a hole in the 1st half of the third game against the Steelers BUT Fitzpatrick displayed the kind of moxy that good QBs have and came within a boot of coming back against the Steelers.  

The Bucs should have tried some FitzMagic at DB in the first half against the Bears before taking him out prematurely (joke).  Sooo all that being said what should we expect the STARTER to do against the 1-4 Falcons, The 2-2-1 streaking Browns before visiting the 3-1 Bengals?  Can the team that has shown the offensive promise with the back up expect to go 3-0? 2-1? Or should we have the same expectations for Jameis and Bucs as the experts had with Fitz at the start of the season?  I predicted 2-1 and a 70% completion rate from Fitz for the first 3 games.  I expect at least the same from the starter against the Falcons, Browns and Bengals.

I'd love to hear from you on this.  


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