Crash: My Mount Rushmore of Drummers

So when I saw that Tommy Lee was celebrating his 56th Birthday I posed the question on whether Tommy Lee was on our listeners Mount Rushmore of Drummers.  I'm not asking a technical music nerd question.  I am simply asking who are your 4 favorite drummers of all time.  As of right now (cause it could change 10 minutes from now If I'm asked) These are the 4 drummers I would have on my Mount Rushmore...

The 1st face...Larry Mullen Jr

The 2nd face on my Mount Rushmore of Drummers...Danny Carey.  This guy just makes his own rules.

All my Mount Rushmore drummers have a different approach to what makes them qualify and when I witnessed Tommy Lee on the Dr. Feelgood Tour I was so entertained by how much fun he was having...his spirit was so visible!

Then of course Neil Peart may be the only drummer I have on this Mt. Rushmore that no one will argue with me about...this video is f***in  amazing by the way!

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