FitzMagic a Fantasy Start vs The Steelers on MNF?

He almost set off the fire alarm in the Super Dome and caused seismic activity around Tampa Bay after the first play from scrimmage in game two. So why was he available in two of my three fantasy leagues? It’s simple. People aren’t taking the time to really look at Ryan Fitzpatrick’s body of work.  

Before you think you know what’s going to happen because of the narrative that the sports media has created let’s look at the fact that this Buccaneer team is essentially set up with the best receiving core Ryan Fitzpatrick has ever played with.When he had Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker with the NYJ (which was his best duo up to now) all he did was set the franchise record for touchdowns with the Jets.

This receiving core with Mike Evans, Djax, Godwin, Humphries ANnnnd two very capable pass catching tight ends makes that Jets duo look second rate.Incase you are casual NFL fan and your just starting to jump on the Bucs Bandwagon this Steelers team just gave up 6 scoring passes from the Chiefs this past Sunday.   If “FitzMagic” ever ends...Its not going to be against a bad Steelers team at Ray Jay in our House.Can the Bucs defense stop the Steelers offense? That’s the question.Will I put my money where my mouth is? Yes. I’ve just made a change at QB for the Beach Park Skunk Apes.Deshaun Watson...grab some popcorn...have a seat and enjoy the Fitzmagic Show Monday night! #gobucs


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