#LoveBugs Are BACK! Here's How To Get Them Off Your Ride!

A semiannual problem for Florida residents living near the Gulf of Mexico, Love Bugs are a type of march fly that appear in major flights to spawn. The insects attach to one another during the mating process and remain so for several days, causing the pair of insects to appear as though they are one larger insect with two heads. A single flight of Love Bugs can consist of hundreds of thousands of insects, and twice a year – May and September – they blanket the region.


Beyond the sheer massiveness of their numbers, Love Bugs cause a bigger problem after they die. “Love Bugs have a highly acidic body chemistry,” said WD-40 Company brand manager, Ginger Hartwell. “So, if they get onto vehicles or even on a home’s siding when they die, the acid from their bodies can actually eat away paint and other coatings. Fortunately, WD-40 Multi-Use Product can really help with the clean up.”  



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