Metallica's Own Brand of Whiskey Is Here!

Metallica has partnered with master distiller Dave Pickerell to create Blackened, a straight American whiskey.  Pickerell selected the blend of bourbons, ryes, and whiskeys from across North  America, housed them in black brandy barrels and inundated them with low hertz soundwaves from Metallica songs that were so intense that they enhanced the molecular interaction and the finish of the whiskey.

The sound wave on the front of the bottle is the actual digital wave from the Metallica song “Blackened” and each bottle of the inaugural batch is labeled 081, to honor 1981, the year the band was formed. Each  batch of 5,000 bottles of Blackened American Whiskey will come with a Spotify or Apple Music playlist of Metallica songs that were played to shape the flavor of the whiskey.

Metallica said in a statement, "We are fortunate to have a long-time  collaboration with Meyer Sound, who have engineered a proprietary subwoofer that amplifies the low frequency sound waves and all the  planets aligned. It just so happens that the low-frequency range needed  for Dave's vision was the range you hear in our music and the process of  sonic-enhancement we call 'Black Noise' was born."

Blackened will be available in stores, restaurants, and bars surrounding a handful of U.S. tour dates this fall. Since none of the fall dates are in Florida, you'll want to get yours online at or

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