Crash gives a Non Spoiler Review: The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington's character Bob Mcall is "Dead" to the agency and the world.  His mission in life is now to make things good for people who have been wronged in a variety of different ways..some of his "good deeds" are more violent than others..Oh and he's a Lyft driver this time.  His long time time friend and agency associate is the only person who knows he's alive until she is killed unraveling a long twist of betrayal that leads very close to home.  Check the trailer out and then see my grade.


The first Equalizer was solid to strong.  This one gets the a perfect rating from me!  5 out of 5 smoke rings.  I laughed, said wow out loud in the theater several times and at one point got little wispy eyed when it got deep (Didn't cry like Johan during ET just for the record).  This is a very smart action movie and arguably one of Denzel Washington's best!  I love seeing DW play the wise old school ass kicker!



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