Crash from 98ROCK on the death of Vinnie Paul.

Although I had several cool radio interviews with Vinnie, a conversation I had with him after a Damage Plan set in 2004 was the one thing that resonates in my mind.  It was me Vinnie, Dime, Pat Lachman and a mutual friend.  I remember it just like it was yesterday.  Someone passed Dime a joint, Dime then looked around the circle extended his hand out, I took a hit and looked to Vinnie.  He said "oh no thank you" and then we proceeded to talk about the best Kiss album of all time, Football and his excitement of the upcoming season for his beloved Dallas Cowboys and Fantasy Football!  It was one of those priceless moments I will never forget.  Every time I saw him after that he always remembered that conversation and we kind of picked up from there.  He was a true rockstar but in the few moments I spent with him over the years I really felt a cool vibe with him and a comfort level that you don't feel all the time in this business.  Although gone way to soon Him and his brother are now reunited and heaven just got a little louder!  RIP Vinnie Paul!



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