Sonic's Pickle Slush Debuts Today

Ben & Jerry's Dropped A Third 'Phish' Flavor

YES!!!! The fabulous Phish food is expanding as Ben & Jerry's have dropped another 'Phish' flavor. Why? To celebrate the 21st anniversary of Phish's charitable foundation, The WaterWheel Foundation. The flavor is called "It's Ice ... Cream," after the band's 1993 hit It's Ice, and features a caramel malt base with almond toffee pieces, fudge fish, and caramel swirl inside. The pint's container features a special design by Phish poster artist Jim Pollack. Part of the proceeds from every pint sold will go to The WaterWheel Foundation.

If Your Kid Gets Fined for Selling Lemonade, The Makers of Country Time Will Cover It

The company that makes Country Time Lemonade has launched a new website called "Country Time LEGAL Ade." 

If your kid can't sell lemonade without a permit this summer, they'll PAY to cover the cost of the fine or the permit, up to $300 at

Burger King Is Selling Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries 

Burger King is now pairing chicken with pretzels with Crispy Pretzel Chicken Fries. Made up of salty pretzel crumbs, herbs and spices. They're only available for a limited time, but no clue for how long.

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