Over all I'll say this movie was effective.  Effective isn't quite the adjective you want to hear to describe your film if your Ron Howard.  Effective because it covers a lot of the background of the Han.  

The Cool stuff:

1.  You find out the origin of his name.

2.  You see how he first meets Chewbaca

3.  There is a scene where you find out how he got his famous laser blaster.

4.  The story of his relationship with Lando Calrission is revealed

5.  How he acquired the Millenium Falcon.

The stuff I thought could have been done better:

1.  They could have gone back a little earlier in Hans life.

2.  There was a time gap in the movie that almost seemed like a part of the movie was chopped out.

3.  I was hoping for a little more irreverence in the dialog.

As a casual Star Wars fan I give it 3 out of a possible 5 smoke rings and recommend that if your not a die hard...wait till it comes out on video or streaming.

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