Crash: on Kurt and Layne on April 5th 2018.

I wrote a song. Its called the "Angels Song".  The Song is about Kurt, Brad, Layne, Shannon and everyone like them...Brilliant but in pain.  They were people that had stretches of acute focus...they captured lightning in bottle....They were launched in a rocket without an instruction manual or a map.  In this interview Kurt says something in the end about running out of ideas...something that I have struggled with at times as well.  Forgetting what makes you happy, forgetting how to pretend your happy.  The first verse of the song I wrote about Kurt and everyone like him goes like this.

"I went to a one hit wonderland...with a loaded gun.

I stole all their money...I had a lot of fun

I wore dark glasses when there was no sun

I looked in the mirror..what have I done?

Thats when the angels...They fly with me tonight."

My meaning in that song is look for angels instead of devils...When nothing makes sense...Look for the good stuff.

On this day April 5th 2018 we recognize the contributions Kurt and Layne made to music  Thank you!


National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Call 1-800-273-8255

Watch one of the last conversations with Kurt caught on camera

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