News from overnight, one Massachusetts Institute of Technology Officer is dead after a shoot out with Police.  That happened at last night and classes at MIT, Harvard, UMass and Emerson College have been cancelled for today.  The MBTA has also been shut down.  No one is allowed into Watertown and no one is allowed out of Watertown at this time.

Two men identified by law enforcement sources as the Boston Marathon attack suspects battle authorities in a Boston suburb with explosives and guns. One has died and the second is on the run.  Boston residents in the suburb of Watertown are being warned to stay in their homes, and not answer the doors. 

The suspect at large — believed to be Suspect 2 in the white hat… was described as "dressed in a grey hoodie, light skinned male, brown curly hair."

Law enforcement sources said the suspects have international links and have been in the country legally for about a year.

The suspects approached the MIT officer and shot him in head, according to sources. The two then stole the MIT officer's cruiser, robbed a nearby 7-11 and carjacked a Mercedes SUV, briefly kidnapping the driver. At various points, the suspects threw explosives out the window of the moving car.

The dead suspect had an improvised explosive device strapped to his chest and the law enforcement sources warned that the suspect on the run may as well.

Watertown resident Andrew Kitzenberg described the earlier police shoot out outside his house. “They engaged in gunfire for a few minutes,” Kitzenberg told NBC News. “They were also utilizing bombs, which sounded and looked like grenades, while engaging in the gunfight. They also had what looked like a pressure-cooker bomb.”


News courtesy of Associated Press, NBC, Boston Police Dept.