Alright sir, I need to know if this is true or not. 

You see, us ladies don't compare breasts in the locker room so I'm not well versed.

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Do you care more about the size of your johnson more in the locker room or the bedroom?  New research is saying that men are far more concerned about how they measure up against their buddies than what their female partners think.

Of the 738 men surveyed from the ages of 18 to 76 in regards to their body image, many men felt the most insecure about their size in environments where other men might see them, such as gym changing rooms. Oddly enough, most of the men who experienced "locker room syndrome" were actually happy with their size when it came to satisfying their partners in the bedroom.

So what say you?  How's it going down there?  Does it matter who's next to you?