Buzzfeed has compiled a list of the "21 Little Victories In A Single Person's Life" and  they are DEAD ON.

I love love, but I also love a clean house and doing what I want.  Here is a taste of the list from Buzzfeed:

◦ Making an impulse decision without having to tell anyone.
◦ Coming home and having the entire bed to yourself.
◦ Getting a paycheck and knowing it’s all going to be spent on yourself.
◦ Having a successful marathon of the TV show of your choice.
◦ Seeing your friends who are in relationships bicker.
◦ When you realize you can move to wherever you want.
◦ When you order a pizza and there’s no sharing necessary.
◦ When Valentine’s Day rolls around and you don’t have to plan or deal with the drama.
◦ That first time you go to a restaurant or the movies alone and realize it’s actually fun.
◦ Getting somewhere early because you weren’t held up by anyone.
◦ When you don’t have to go to “couples parties.”