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I love the month of November. Not only do I get to celebrate my birthday, honor our Veterans, and give thanks with a plate full of turkey and mashed potatoes in my face, but I also get to celebrate “Movember.”


Movember was established to promote men’s health and encourage wellness screenings, specifically for prostate and testicular cancer. Men sign themselves up and pledge to stay unshaven throughout the month, all while gathering donations for the cause. This Men’s Journal article posted a few of the best mustache styles, and as a fan of face stubble, I have come up with a few of my favorite mustaches to match.


The Chevron- Winner: Nick Offerman. Best known for playing Ron Swanson currently on “Parks and Recreation,” Nick is always sporting this style as perfectly as his comedic timing.


The Horseshoe- Winner: Danny Trejo. This Mexican macho-man actor would likely still be recognizable even without the mustache, but he would definitely lose bad ass points.


The Walrus- Winner: Sam Elliot. The man of many mustaches has likely pulled off all of these styles, but I prefer when it gets a little longer and unruly at the ends to balance out that smooth accent of his.


Honorable mentions: Rollie Fingers, Professional baseball player; Hulk Hogan, Professional wrestler; Paul Teutul, reality celebrity from Orange County Choppers; and Gene Shalit, film critic.


There is still time to sign up and embrace your 5 o’clock shadow or simply learn how you can donate and help other men, with or without the lip hair, by checking out