The star from "Sandlot," Tom Guiry, has been arrested for head-butting a cop whilst intoxicated. 

It was originally reported by TMZ.

A spokeperson for the Houston Police Department that the Houston P.D. was contacted by United Airlines at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport regarding an intoxicated passenger. When officers arrived on scene, Mr. Guiry was indeed drunk.

Lucky for Guiry, Houston has a newly established sobering center...that would allow him to chill out and he would not be charged. E! news reports that Guiry became agitated and started making threats and was then arrested. 

You will remember Guiry was the Scotty Smalls in the movie "Sandlot."

And you'll remember him most from the following line, which is totally applicable right now:

"You're killing, Smalls."



Tom Guiry Mugshot Source: Houston PD


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