I have a new intern.  Her name is Jill, but we call her Lisa.  Don't worry about why, just accept that this is normal.  I've been teaching her all the ins and outs of our online life here at the station, and she has been forced to blog.  Check out her first EVER blog! - ty

This list, “23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing,” rings true for many women I know; but apparently not for me. I just tallied up which things I do, and my number is low. Here are some things on the list:


  • Saying “yes” to everyone else- Guilty. I essentially want to be a part of all outings and events even when I am super tired and have multiple school assignments due in less than 24 hours.  


  • Viewing food as the enemy- Not guilty. I know food is not the enemy. I know it is my inability to get up early in the morning and run, walk, or do a jumping jack accompanied by a sit up.


  • Untagging pictures of yourself- Semi guilty. If I notice a picture of myself recently posted and it looks like I got hit by a train or shows a little too much of  my body that I don’t want to be seen, I will remove my name.


  • Worrying your life doesn’t look like Pinterest- Not guilty. I’m not a “pinner,” as I am not a cooker, not crafty, and I am not obsessed about my future wedding decor to a man I am not even dating.


  • Fearing the label “crazy.”-Not guilty. I’ve met my mother. I know what runs in my blood.


Which leads me to something I shouldn’t be worried about, but now am thanks to this list:  Am I even a woman? If I don’t do the majority of these, does this make me less of a woman?


They should have added, “Worrying about random irrelevant lists that make you question yourself and gender.” Because then my tally would’ve come to five things I should stop doing. I’d be comfortable with five.