Us Weekly has compiled a list of the best songs to sing alone in your car.   I could make a few additions and subtractions for sure.  I mean, NO BOHEIMIAN RAPSODY?!  Check out their list below! 

The Best Songs to Sing Alone in a Car 

1."Sweet Child O'Mine" (Guns-n-Roses)
2."Love is a Battlefield" (Pat Banetar) 
3."Dog Days are Over" (Florence + the Machine)
4."Come Sail Away" (Styx)
5."I Will Always Love You" (Whitney Houston)
6."Someone Like You" (Adele)
7."Livin' on a Prayer" (Bon Jovi)
8."All Coming Back to Me Now" (Celine Dion)
9."Pieces of Me" (Ashlee Simpson)
10."The Edge of Glory" (Lady Gaga)
11."Don't Stop Believin'" (Journey)
12."Wannabe" (Spice Girls)
13."Hold On" (Wilson Phillips)
14."You Outta Know" (Alanis Morissette)
15."Overprotected" (Britney Spears)
16."Since U Been Gone" (Kelly Clarkson)
17."Free Fallin'" (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)
18."Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Bonnie Tyler)