Not many people know how easy it actually is to get scammed on Facebook.  It probably happens to some of you every day.  Here are three of the most common scams and how they get you.

1.  "Like" Farming. This is that one where you see the picture of a sick kid in the hospital, holding up a sign that says "If I get a million likes, I might not get a new liver.  But maybe I will!"  Do NOT like this photo . . . there's no sick kid waiting for a transplant.

It's called "Like" farming.  When you "Like" a post, Facebook puts a copy of that post on all your friends' news feeds.  If they Like it too, it spreads to their friends.  After 100,000 Likes, the page owner puts up ads, which then show up in ALL of your news feeds.

2.  Celebrity Sex Tapes.  This one has been around a while, but it never goes away.  You click on a link that promises a new Rihanna sex tape, or Taylor Swift, or whoever.  It takes you to a site where you fill out a survey, but you never get to see the tape.

Meanwhile, the website is making nasty posts in YOUR NAME on all your friends' timelines.  And more likely than not, it's loading malware onto your computer.  Anything from stealing your personal data, to spying on you with your own webcam.

3.  Who Viewed My Profile?  This is another oldie-but-goodie.  But still the most popular Facebook scam by far.  There's no legitimate way to check who views your page.  Facebook doesn't release that information to anyone.

4.  Change Your Profile Colors.  This one advertises an app that will allow you to change your profile to a different color.  But if you’re like most people, you've been on Facebook for YEARS already . . . and you've NEVER seen a profile that’s not blue.

Instead it takes you to another website, where you're asked to fill out a short survey.  And the information you give is sold to marketing companies, who turn around and fill up the world with more spam.  And if you entered your email address . . . forget about it.