When you're a kid, grownups are always giving you advice.  And sometimes it's good advice.  But a LOT of times it's not.  Here are the ten most B.S. pieces of advice adults give kids.

1.  "If you just tell the truth, I won't get mad." Instead- "tell the truth or you're going straight ot Hell"

2.  "Cheaters never win." Instead- "cheaters always win..you just have to make sure the payday is worth it!"

3.  "When someone bullies you, it's just because they're jealous." TRUE and they are a DICK!

4.  "The real world isn't like school.  People grow up." Instead - "School is much better than the real world. ENJOY IT cause real life is gonna suck!"

5.  "Just be yourself and everyone will love you." Instead- "Most people are idiots and you'll have to navigate around around them"

6.  "If you're nice to people, they'll be nice back." Instead "People are just plain buttheads 90% of the time. Shrug it off and move on"

7.  "These are the best years of your life." Actually probably not a lie because our childhood is what we always wanna go back to.

8.  "You need to go to college to succeed." Instead- " Find something you're good at, work hard and never give up!"

9.  "You need to learn math because you won't always have a calculator handy." Instead - "Your iPhone has all the answers you'll ever need....Blllahahahahahah"

10.  "You're unique and special and deserve everything in the world." Instead - "Work hard, don't be a shlep and expect the Government to do everything for you cause you didn't work hard enough to succeed"