Teenagers like to have sex with each other . . . maybe because they can't think of anything else to do. Frankly I could have had a list of 1000 things and it would not have mattered. So a Christian school in Australia made a pamphlet of 101 things to do instead of doing IT.  Here are some suggestions:  

1.  Blow bubbles in the park. (Like that's NOT going to make me think of something else getting blown..)  

2.  Pretend you're six years old again. (why?? I couldn't have sex then)

3.  Look at clouds and see if they look like anything.(yes..boobs)

4.  Surprise your parents by cleaning the house. (this doesn't me while "reading a magazine)

5.  Have a water fight. (right...shower sex)

6.  Eat something new. (ohhhh COME ON!!!!)

7.  Have a burping contest. (I can't even get started on this one)

8.  Share a drink with two straws. (sharing...threesome maybe?)

9.  Make lunch for an elderly person. (a nooner)

10.  Play ball . . . without the ball.  In other words . . . just role play that you're playing with a ball.(stupid)