Think everyone is watching you? Don't trust your cell phone, cable box or COFFEE MAKER??? For good reason. Here is a number of things could already be spying on you.


1.  Your TV.  If it connects to the internet then you're vulnerable.  One security firm proved they could turn on web cams in smart TVs and watch viewers. 


2.  Your cable box.  Companies are developing them with motion sensors and cameras, so they can see what you're up to and send targeted ads.  Like a roomful of wild kids would get ads for Nerf guns, and a couple on the couch would get ads for romantic movies.


3.  Household appliances like your coffee maker, dishwasher, and clock radio.  The latest models allow you to schedule your morning coffee from a tablet.  And companies use the web connection to troubleshoot performance issues.

But robbers could use that same info to schedule the best time for a burglary.


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(SOURCE: Huffington Post)