The FCC received more than 150 complaints after Miley Cyrus created a stir @ "VMAs".  I collected a few of the best ones for you. 

BTW these are as is..bad spelling and all :) 

"Had I wanted my family to see a hooker perform a live sex show, I would have taken her to Tijuana."

"She backed up against her male co-singer's genitals in a doggy-style position and humped him like a [B-word] in heat."

"She has shown what she is acting like a devil flicking that tongue as deamons do."  (huh)

"She put her face in a fake butt."

"[She] touched the genitals of an older man while performing music."

"[She was] grabbing her croutch, using a foam finger like a dildo and licking the butt of a stuff bear."

"Miss Miley Cyrus should be fined and jailed."

"I suggest 12 months in a convent!"

"Miley Cyrus needs to be spanked."

"Dressed in a skimpy latex bikini, she bent over to rub her buttocks against Robin Thicke's groin which caused him to have a slight erection which can be easily noticed through his pants."