*  Broken windows.  A comprehensive plan covers broken glass, no matter how it got broken.  But in most states you'd need to pay the deductible, unless you took the zero deductible option for window replacement.

**  Slashed tires.  Covered, but they'll take out depreciation costs.  So don't slash your own tires just because they're old. I say this because some people can be that stupid.

***  Egged vehicle.  If the egg dries, it could damage the paint.  Typically your insurance plan will only cover a new paint job for the damaged area. Now an egged house on the other hand doubtful.

****  Sugar in the gas tank.  Does anyone even do this anymore?? Filters can take it out.  But if you need to clean out the gas tank and fuel lines, it'll be covered.

*****  Flying pumpkins.  Comprehensive insurance covers all kinds of flying missiles . . . pebbles and rocks, falling branches, and even pumpkins.


Now Gof forbid you actually turn in one of these. You premium for next year would probably SKY ROCKIT! Yell