Today's the first day of summer, which hopefully means you'll be spending time with less clothes on . . . or better yet, NO CLOTHES ON.  As a large man myself, some work is required to make the most of ALL THIS SEXY! Seriously this crap works!

1.  Get a tan.  Having a tan makes you look thinner without actually having to diet . . . and it helps hide imperfections like spider veins and stretch marks.

2.  Exfoliate.  Exfoliating your skin makes it look better, and it'll feel better to whoever's rubbing up against you.

3.  Squeeze in a quick workout.  Before you go out, do a few push-ups or squats.  That'll get the blood pumping in your muscles and leave them looking more toned.

4.  Limit the food and drinks.  While it might SEEM like a good idea to down a couple glasses of wine before you jump in the sack, eating and drinking right before stripping down will make you look bloated.

5.  Groom . . . down there.  If you think there's a chance you could be getting naked tonight, make sure you're properly groomed . . . especially "down there".  Even if you prefer to keep things natural, a quick trim never hurts.

6.  Adjust the temperature.  Adjust the temperature at your place so it isn't too hot or cold before you strip down.  If it's too warm, you'll feel sweaty and gross.  But if it's too cold you'll be shivering with goose bumps.  Not a good look.

7.  Find the right lighting.  Avoid harsh fluorescent lights at all costs.  Instead, go for mood lighting like candles, or lamps with a dimming switch.

8.  Use colored sheets.  White sheets are bad because they can wash out your skin.  Instead, go for colored sheets, which give you the appearance of a warmer skin tone even if you don't have a tan.

9.  Be confident.  And most importantly, don't forget to enjoy yourself.  If you FEEL sexy, you'll LOOK sexy.