Time to head outside and BURN YOUR BRAS.  But not to protest for women's rights or to get Nixon out of office.  Burn them because they've been LYING TO YOU.



A professor named Jean-Denis Rouillon at the University of Besancon in France just finished up a FIFTEEN-YEAR STUDY on bras.  And he concluded that you don't need a bra . . . in fact, wearing one is BAD for you.



Quote, "Medically, physiologically, anatomically, breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity.  On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra."



For the study, Rouillon has spent the past 15 years regularly measuring 130 women's breasts.  Some of the women wore bras, some didn't.



And he found the women without bras had less back pain, perkier breasts, better posture, and less trouble breathing.