Big Rig

Don't Dance During An MMA Fight Son!

WOW! Bryce Harper's Bat!

The "Donkey Hair Cut" Is The New Thing?

Spider VS. Snake. Who You Got? ( watch )

The "Meth Head Grind" ( watch here )

Marijuana Bouquets For Valentine's Day?!

Pregnant Woman Drives Right Into Train

Girl Blames United For Dogs Death

Do Not Use A Canoe To Go Sledding!

Big Rig

If there's a wedding I've played it, a wet t-shirt contest I've hosted it up and down the east coast from Ohio to south Florida. Now I've come to pollute your day with plenty of verbal deadwood..he,he,he. I love COLD BEER, LOUD ROCK, & warm coffee colonics on the beach...but enough about me.


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