Being a terminal gearhead,  I often drive through the Dimmitt Cadillac/Aston Martin/McLaren/Rolls/Bentley dealership to browse and dream. I assumed the primered black Chevy truck with the newer bed belonged to someone who had a like mind.  

Then it hit me. 

The vintage pickup was FOR SALE.

This early 1960s Chevy was sitting among Aston-Martins, Bentleys and McLarens...and it did so proudly and with no explanation.

I assumed it was nothing like I'd build from that era. It had to have an updated drivetrain and brakes. Hell, it may even have ABS and traction control, for all I know. 

All I know is my mind was blown, completely and utterly. 

I'd love to call and ask about the old truck, but I wouldn't want to waste the seller's time. I'm just a fellow gearhead with an insatiable desire to know more about every old vehicle ever made. 

To you, that old flat black Chebby among the exotics, play on playa!