Imagine watching your favorite porno with hands-free control. No more lube on the remote or keyboard!

Google Glass could take the POV concept to whole new levels, and this is particularly relevant in porn. No more awkward over the shoulder camera, with a camera operator breathing down a performer's neck trying to get that spot-on-POV without being the performer themselves. Now an untrained camera operator, an actor, can wear these Google Glasses and obtain the perfect perspective while hands-free to guide the action.

This has the potential to change the way content is being created, and by whom.

Digital expansion of porn in the app market is leading the way. With millions of customers and over 7,000 adult apps, Mikandi is a leading adult app store for Android and is currently developing adult apps for Google Glass. "As far as I know we are the only adult company with the device right now,” said Mikandi co-founder Jennifer McEwen. “We got it about a week and a half ago. As we are developing applications for it, we are discovering that while Glass is an amazing device and has a lot of potential, it's in its infancy right now, so we are somewhat limited in what we can do with it. We are really interested in building interactive applications and right now that doesn't seem possible with the software. Also, because it's so young right now, it's kind of hard to predict where this will go. So what we tend to do with new or emerging technology, we'll develop something very simple at first, and as we discover more about that technology we'll grow with it."

McEwen pointed out that it could be interesting to develop interactive apps with cam networks, enabling a cam model to "interact with her fans through this device or you can see her point of view for one of her shows. It would be interesting, so if there are any cam networks out there interested in innovating at this stage, we'd love to hear from them."

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