TAMPA, Fla. (TBO.com) - A month after firefighters found a family of four, including two teenagers, dead inside a burning Avila mansion, law enforcement investigators continue to dig for answers to explain why a man would fatally shoot his wife and two children before torching the house and turning the gun on himself.

It’s no secret what happened, said Hillsborough County sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon. The question, at least so far, is why.

Homicide detectives are looking at the full spectrum of the family’s interactions with each other and others to uncover possible reasons why prominent business executive Darrin Campbell did what he did.

“We’re working very hard to come up with a reason,” McKinnon said. “In a case like this, there are so many dynamics involved you may never know the reason. And the only person who did know the reason took it to his grave.

File Photo Credit Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

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