LAKELAND, Fla. ( - A Lakeland man has spray-painted his garage door with a message for the thief who stole his late wife’s laptop filled with sentimental photos.

Jerry Ashley is still grieving over the passing of his wife Darlene, who died from an aneurysm last month at the age of 48. 

His loss has been compounded by thieves, who broke into his Lakeland home this week.

Ashley has a lot of fond memories of his wife, and many of those memories are stored in a computer that was stolen from his home, now he taking an unusual step to try and get that laptop back.

Ashley spray painted his garage door, hoping someone will heed the message and return his wife's computer, no questions asked.

Ashley said, "Everybody that walks by that street is going to see that; everyone who drives by there is going to notice it."

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